Digital vs. Offset
What is the difference between digital and offset printing?
Digital printing has a faster turnaround and can be the ability to instantly proof. Offset is the best value and quality however cannot be proofed has a slower turn around is for bulk orders only. With that said our digital printing capabilities are superior to and state of the art in Vancouver.
What is an “Online Proof” and why is it important that I look at it?
A proof is generated by our system for the customer to ensure it’s accuracy and that it conforms to our bleed and safe zones. This way, there will be no surprises with the finished product.
Why is it important to thoroughly examine my Vanprint designed/altered proof?
A proof is given to the customer for them to ensure it’s accuracy in content and formatting. Proofs are only given when the file is designed or altered by Vanprint unless otherwise stated.
I’ve emailed my proof with print errors! Will it automatically be printed?
We will call or email you when receiving files. To move forward with payment and any further missing details.
How long will it take for me to get a response if I am emailed?
Your email will take no longer then 24 hours to be responded to during hours of operation. For a faster response please directly call one of our locations.
File formats
What type of files do you accept?
We accept all files including TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PSD, AI, PNG anything that is print resolution ready. The only time this is not the case is when using our online upload and proofing system where only JPEG and PDF files are accepted.
Why won’t my file upload?
There are 2 possible scenarios 1) If you are using our upload and preview system please insure your file type is a jpeg/pdf or png. 2) The file may be too large our upload limit is 20MB for the file upload and preview system and for the large file uploader the maximum size is 250 MB
I’m not sure the text is right on the files I forwarded you, can you check before printing?
Vanprint is not responsible for any spelling and content that is incorrect when the file is not created by Vanprint. The document will print exactly as it appears when given in the highest print quality. All typographical errors are the responsibility of the creators.
What is a bleed?
Bleed refers to the printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming, it ensure that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.
What is full bleed?
Full bleed is printing from one edge of the paper to the other without the standard border. The paper is trimmed after printing to ensure the ink runs fully to the edge and doesn’t stop short of it.
My job uses bleed. How much space should I account for when printing?
3mm on each side.
What resolution should my artwork be to ensure the best quality print?
300 dpi or greater
What is DPI?
DPI refers to dots per inch, a measure of resolution
What form should my colours be in my design files?
Try not to use duotones or RGB, convert to CMYK for best results
What type of black should I use?
If you have large areas of solid black, you should set the black up as Rich Black
How can I prevent banding?
To avoid banding avoid large areas of flat colours or large gradation which can happen with digital print.
Why do the printed colours look different from the colours on my screen?
There are a few reasons why this may happen: 1)The colour mode is in RGB and not CMYK 2)The paper stock has it’s own colour which effects the final print 3)The screen is backlit therefore your image on the screen will always appear lighter than the printed image.
Is white considered a printing colour?
No it is not.
What’s the difference between CMYK and RGB?
RGB is the colour mode for screens cmyk is the colour for printing.
How should the fonts be placed in my design files?
Fonts must be embedded in PDF files or provided, please note some fonts have copyright restrictions and will not be embedded in PDF files. Your design fonts must be converted to paths or curves in EPS files or outlined.
What is a set?
What is a business card set?
Business cards with the same back but different fronts.
Graphic Design
Do you provide these services? If so at what cost?
Yes all of our locations provide in-house design. Our minimum design fee is 15.00.
Will you provide me with a proof?
Yes. All Vanprint designed artwork must be approved by the client with a proof
Will you edit my artwork not designed by Vanprint?
Yes this falls under our graphic design services and we will provide you with a proof after alteration. However we will only alter files at the client’s request.
Is it ok if my product has copyright material?
Vanprint prohibits and is not responsible for any reproduction, trademarks, services marks or logo that are not owned by the client. Unlicensed copyrighted materials from publishers, photographers, artists, composers, writers, and other owners of original workers are not the responsibilities of Vanprint.
Sample/Test prints
Can I have a sample before doing the full run?
It depends on the amount of finishing involved in the product. There will always be a cost incurred for a sample. In some cases we can do a modest proof on the final paper stock. In the case of a booklet for example the amount of set up involved in one booklet is the same as a thousand. For details about your job’s sample please call for further details. For offset products we cannot provide samples because they are printed off site.
What type of paper will my product be printed on?
We have several paper types available depending on what you are ordering at different pricing. Fear not! If we don’t have a specific paper in store we can order it for you.
Can I bring my own paper to print?
Yes but we need to check the paper before moving forward with a job. Please be aware paper with a type of finish including foil or raised ink may damage our machines.
Do you carry recycled paper?
Yes we carry 100% recycled paper as well as Hemp paper. All paper is at least 30% recycled paper so don’t be fooled by others when something is boasted as recycled.
Canvas Questions
What are the different ways my canvas can be stretched?
There are 3 ways your canvas can be stretched. 1) Mirrored edges: where a portion of the edge of the print is copied and flipped so that the image continues around the stretcher bar seamlessly without loosing a part of the image. 2) Gallery Wrapped: where the edges of the image are pulled around the side of the frame so you loose that part of your image 3) Taped Edge: where you don’t lose any of your image and the sides of the stretcher bar have a black tape applied to them to hide the raw canvas.
Custom Quotes and Finishing
Why isn’t my custom quote instant?
For some more complicated jobs such as booklets, die cutting, special finishes/effects, and special shipping/speed requirements we require time to customize the lowest possible rate and options to forward you.
Do you do any special finishing? ie. embossing, foil, spot uv, silk laminate, gloss uv ect?
Yes, yes yes! Learn more on our product pages.
Price Matching
I found a much cheaper price at another shop can you match?
If you can provide us with some form proof email or physical quote %100 yes for a very comparable product.
In Store Service
I went in to your store and there was I was the only customer in there! Why can’t you do my job right NOW!?!
Please note that although our shops can appear quiet we have orders on queue daily. If you require a job ASAP we may require a rush fee to bump your jobs priority in lieu of projects in queue.
Rush Jobs
Help! I need an order NOW! Can you do this for me?
Yes. There is however a standard rush fee with jobs needing to be printed immediately. There are occasional exceptions when this can be waved dependent on work flow, please call or email us with your specific situation.
What methods of payment do you accept?
Debit/ Visa/ Mastercard/ Cash
Do you accept cheques?
We make odd acceptions when accepting cheques with our long term clients.
Do you charge tax on orders?
What type of services does Vanprint provide?

Printed Products

Business Cards Booklets Bookmarks Brochures Calendars Catalogs Cd Packages Club FLyer Collectors Cards Door Hangers DVD Packages Envelopes Event Tickets Flyer Hang Tag Letterhead Mini Menu Notepad Posters Postcards Presentation Folders Rack Cards Rip Business Card Roll Label Sticker Tent Card

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Signage Banners Wide Posters Window Cling Window Decals Yard Signs Proofs

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

We have various modes of shipping available. We can ship in the lower mainland by courier or within Canada by Canada Post. For international or North American shipping and to discuss rates please call for further information.

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